Workshop on MRI Acquisition and Reconstruction

This 3-day virtual meeting will take place on Zoom on the dates:

September 7 – 9, 2021

15:00 UTC – 19:00 UTC

The workshop will focus on new developments in image reconstruction and data acquisition including novel pulse sequences and MRI hardware. A primary aim will be to emulate the “meetings in the hallway” that helped elicit new collaborations and ideas we benefited from in the earlier annual ISMRM meetings. While the last virtual annual meetings were vastly successful, it has been challenging to keep in touch with colleagues and keep up with the large number of oral and poster sessions at the same time.

   Though the proposed workshop will be constrained to remain virtual, we will aim to emphasize interactions between attendees by allotting generous time for discussion in each session. The scope of these discussions will not be limited to the presented ideas; we anticipate that these will take the form of brainstorming sessions that will give way to new collaborations and ideas.  

    Topics to be explored include,

  1. Novel techniques for MRI reconstruction
  2. Novel techniques for MRI acquisition
  3. Novel MRI hardware (e.g. low and ultra-high fields, bespoke gradient, receive and shim coils)
  4. Artifact mitigation in MRI (e.g. motion, distortion, blurring)
  5. Quantitative MRI
  6. Open source MRI

    We will invite PIs from a large number of labs located in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East (due to time zone constraints), where each lab will be able to contribute a couple of talks distributed across all sessions. The talks will be ~5 min long, and will be preferably delivered by trainees. Each session will include ample discussion time.

The workshop will be open to everyone, not just the presenters. We will not be soliciting abstracts, but a letter of intent from the PI indicating topics that will be contributed from each lab. A tentative outline of the proposed program is detailed below.